Who we are
Innovative Researchers
We are a constantly growing, dynamic team of digital storytellers, data & research scientists, and leaders. Meet the minds behind Stradigi Labs.
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Expertise and Resources to Explore Emerging Technologies
Our lab is composed of a multidisciplinary team of Research Scientists who are PhD graduates with academic and industrial research experience, business analysts, and entrepreneurs.
The variety of experience in areas as diverse as neurology, cardiology, industrial optimization, mathematics, energy production, molecular chemistry, catastrophic events prediction, social networks analytics, astrophysics, & advertising enriches our daily discussions which directly translates into innovation.
A Passion for Solving Real-Life Problems
Our team looks for inventive ways to help industries succeed and grow. We obviously love Artificial Intelligence, particularly Machine Learning, but the idea of contributing to finding solutions to diverse problems is what really drives us on a daily basis.
As a team, we look for cutting edge, emerging technologies with the highest potential for impact. We brainstorm, deep dive and generate ideas that are relevant, scaleable and marketable.
The Key to Our Success: Collaboration
We enjoy interactive weekly meetings where team members discuss current projects and share challenges. We brainstorm solutions collectively to reach the next level of product growth. We promote continuous learning with “Paper of the week” where we analyze recent papers, articles and reports in the AI domain.
If you’re passionate about Artificial Intelligence and interested in joining our ever-growing team, please reach out to us!
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