our focus
Solving Real-Life Problems
Our approach is pragmatic and we tailor solutions for each industry.
Areas We Operate In
We’re always looking at ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence to serve businesses in the following industries, and beyond.


We research and explore ongoing problematics in the automotive industry. We use AI to improve the dealership and online experience for consumers.


Our researchers develop algorithms to better understand customer preferences based on current actions and historical data, eliminating problems like cold start or consumer interest changes. We assist marketing, sales, and merchandising departments in optimizing processes and increasing their conversions. We also research, and can implement, omnichannel solutions.

Health / Medical

In partnership with renowned doctors, we work with medical institutions in Montreal, Ontario, and British Columbia. These projects aim to predict medical procedures, treatments, and degree of severity for various diseases.


We work with sports organizations and teams on tactics recommendations, scouting, and other areas that would help the team's performance and development. We also work with worldwide sporting brands to help enhance product performance.

Social Platforms

We research and explore ongoing problematics on social platforms, such as cybersecurity, and apply AI algorithms for early prevention.
Constant Innovation
We constantly research innovative ways to help industries succeed and grow.
Our Areas of Expertise
  • Visual Scene Understanding (Images and Videos)
  • Natural Language Understanding Chatbots
  • Innovative Recommender Systems
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Customer/User Understanding and Segmentation
  • Decision Making
  • Pattern Recognition Systems
  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Limited Data Problems
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