Our core belief
Where Innovation Meets Pragmatism
We are obsessed with creating innovative, high-quality technology. Using Artificial Intelligence, we seek to understand and teach machines to think through ground-breaking research.
Welcome to the Lab

Stradigi Labs is an applied research center of excellence focused on AI; this is our engine to create and innovate. We distinguish ourselves with a team of talented researchers and through working with renowned advisors and business pioneers that are specialized in every area we operate.

We take innovative ideas that involve Artificial Intelligence and turn them into businesses within our incubator, Stradigi Ventures. We also strive to service businesses with AI, and to create licensing opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence at Your Service
We cover the full spectrum of topics related to AI to develop customized solutions. We build products and services for businesses in various industries looking to invest in Artificial Intelligence. We improve, combine, and implement existing technologies that will have a measurable, positive impact on businesses and the world they touch.
The Stradigi Family

Stradigi, Stradigi Labs, and Stradigi Ventures are one big family.
Being under one roof means there is a symbiotic relationship between the three entities.
We build innovative AI ideas within our lab, incubate them in our Ventures arm, and leverage our team of engineers & developers to take products to market that have a measurable, positive impact on businesses as well as consumers’ lives.

What We Build
Stradigi Logo
Founded in 2005, Stradigi is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Montreal. We cover all 360 degrees; from design to development on every platform, we’re committed to seeing a product through  from the moment you have the idea, to the moment it meets the consumer and beyond.
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Incubation & Partnership
Stradigi Ventures
Founded in 2014, Stradigi Ventures is an AI-focused technology incubator and early stage investor. We use our global network of entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, and influencers to help startups thrive.
Learn more about Stradigi Ventures and bring your idea to us.
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